Officers 2021

The Installation Evening was held on 13th December 2019 in Kircubbin Masonic Centre.  Ex Comp Harold Edmund, Immediate Past King, vacated the chair and the newly elected Excellent King, Excellent Companion Roy Shaw MBE was installed.  In turn the new Excellent King then installed the Officers of the Chapter.
There was a good turn out of Companions from not only the Chapter, but from District Grand Chapter and neighbouring Chapters within the District of Down and further afield. 
**Due to the global pandemic of COVID 19, Supreme Grand Chapter have ruled that the Excellent King and all Officers will remain in their Offices for a further year



Excellent King 2021

Excellent Companion  Roy Shaw MBE


Roy was initiated into Shamrock Royal Arch Chapter in  1979.  He was installed as Excellent King and was previously the Excellent King in 1991. Roy is also a member of a number of difference Branches within our Noble Order.

Excellent King                                              Ex Comp Roy Shaw MBE

High Priest                                                    Comp Mark Hammond

Chief Scribe                                                   Comp Len Allen

Treasurer                                                       Ex Comp Jim Irivine, jnr

Registrar                                                        Ex Comp Maurice McKee

Director of Ceremonies                              Ex Comp Victor Mitchell          Almoner                                                         Comp John Pyper

Chaplin                                                           Ex Comp Jim Glover

Captain of the Hosts                                    Comp John Pyper

Superintendent of the Tabernacle            Ex Comp Harold Edmund

Royal Arch Captain                                      Comp Simon McKee

Captain of the Scarlet Vale                         Comp Peter Wray

Captain of the Purple Vale                          Ex Comp Clements Booth  

Captain of the Blue Vale                              Ex Comp Hubert Thompson

Janitor                                                            Comp Kevin Walsh

Tyler                                                                Comp Jim Irvine,snr

Rep. Charity & Board of General Purp.    Comp Peter Wray

Rep. Hall Committee                                   Ex Comp Maurice McKee

                                                                          V Ex Comp Jim McDowell

                                                                          Comp Mark Hammond

                                                                          Ex Comp Hubert Thompson

                                                                          Ex Comp Ian McKenna

                                                                          Comp Simon McKee

                                                                          Comp Stephen McMaster

Rep. Inspection Committee                        V Ex Comp Norman Nevin

Auditors                                                          Ex Comp Douglas Thompson

                                                                          V Ex Comp Jim McDowell

To see a full list of our Excellent Kings since 1918, please go to the  "Past Kings" page